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Safety Compliance Group offers air carriers a unique and exceptional support system through its Client Services function.  Client Services incorporates four key divisions Audits & Assessments, Consulting & Advisory Services, Resource Management, and Contract Solutions.  These scalable and customized  service functions supplement an air carrier's internal resources, providing subject matter experts across all key airline functions to ensure corporate best practice.  Safety Compliance Group's extensive suite of services include:


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Safety Compliance Group's  Audits & Assessments Team works closely with management to identify through its proprietary Assessment Solutions Program those areas within an air carrier operation that require corrective action to ensure the safety and efficiency of the Air Carrier. These areas can include Airline Administration, Flight Operations, Operational Control, MRO, and Regulatory Compliance and Safety.


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As is the case in the successful operation of any organization, there are times when supplementing your management and operations team with Subject Matter Experts will result in an improvement in systems, efficiencies, and personnel.  Safety Compliance Group provides support to air carriers through the provision of its Subject Matter Experts as a supplement to its team of professionals. This team of experts serve as advisors, mentors, and/or as trainers, adding significant value to any air carrier.



Safety Compliance Group makes available to Clients its expert team of industry professionals for both short-term (Consulting) and longer-term (Advisory) assignments.  These experts cover a broad area of an air carrier's management and operations including flight operations, maintenance, operational control, regulatory compliance and air carrier administration.



Safety Compliance Group  realizes that the "one shoe fits all" approach does not apply to the aviation industry. In those cases where a Client seeks to secure senior level management, operations personnel, and/or flight crews for long term assignments or employment,  Safety Compliance Group offers Contract Solutions Service.  The Contract Solutions team serves as a recruiter, locating, interviewing, and placing senior level industry professionals for long term assignments.


Safety Compliance Group's services cover a broad spectrum of airline operations that encompass Airline Administration, Flight Operations, Operational Control, Maintenance Operations, Regulatory Compliance & Safety,  among others.  SCG's  unique process allows for the customizing and scaling of solutions to accommodate an air carrier's particular operation and management culture. Services vary and are dependent on the air carrier's specific requirements .  A sampling of services can include:

Airline Administration


Strategic Planning

SCG planning professionals combine an in-depth understanding of market dynamics with access to sophisticated decision planning tools to define optimum decision criteria and yield key strategic insights.  With SCG's assistance, an airline organization is able to create and implement a clearly communicated, winning strategy.  SCG is able to assist management with a wide range of strategic and tactical business planning that will deliver results that increase revenues, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. The scope of SCG's expertise includes but is not limited to:


  • Airline Performance Reviews

  • Business Planning

  • Network and Fleet Planning

  • Distribution Strategy

  • Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction Programs

  • Maintenance and Engineering Optimization



SCG helps airline organizations stay ahead of the competition by assisting leadership in understanding and applying sound marketing principles, such as:

  • Interpreting and understanding customer needs

  • Exceeding customers expectations with product innovation, product quality and efficient distribution

  • Developing creative and cost-effective marketing strategies

  • Understanding the evolution of technology and its impact in customer engagement and marketing methodologies

  • Developing marketing processes & strategies in alignment with organizational objectives

  • Understanding the impact of technology on distribution and communication channels: best practices including social media

  • How to create value for, and communicate value to  customers

  • Understanding airline alliances and marketing: benefits & drawbacks

  • Practical strategies for managing a marketing plan efficiently

Fleet Management

SCG provides assistance to air carriers in the optimization of the scheduling, completion and the timely return of aircraft fleets back to active service, after scheduled and major maintenance events. SCG's Fleet Management services include but are not limited to assistance with:

  • Integration of all components of aircraft maintenance programs

  • Maximizing and ensuring the efficiency of aircraft maintenance 

  • Reducing administrative overhead and accelerating response time

  • Leveraging unprecedented economies of scale and unparalleled global reach

  • Effectively managing rotating assets such as spare parts, interchangeable components and more


MRO Services

SCG MRO experts assist air carriers with developing highly efficient and profitable one-stop total solution aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) organizations. These services include assistance with the creation, development or improvement of U.S. FAA Part 145 and EASA Repair Programs, that provide services in heavy maintenance, line maintenance, component repair and overhaul, engineering and manufacturing, and material sales. 


Station Operations

As air carriers expand route structures and flight operations, additional resources are needed to ensure a smooth transition within the airline's operations system. Safety Compliance Group provides expert assistance to air carriers regarding the creation and implementation of new air station operations, such as:

  • The training, development and mentoring of station crew team members to ensure a differentiated and quality customer service experience for passengers

  • Developing and  improving efficient processes to monitor day to day performance of station operations in order to ensure customer service

  • Implementing the accurate and timely execution of all processes and procedures needed to maintain the highest level of quality

  • Ongoing monitoring and recurrent training of Station Managers who are responsible for keeping all station facilities, equipment and activities in compliance with applicable State, local and Airport regulations, policies and procedures

  • The evaluation and audit of work processes to ensure adherence to process standards and avoidance of wasted company resources.


Aircraft Procurement

SCG Procurement Professionals understand that the classic aircraft procurement work of benchmarking prices is difficult and not valid for most carriers in today's aircraft procurement environment. The differences in country and business models are too great.


SCG can assist air carriers  in maximizing both cost 

effectiveness and efficiency in its aircraft procurement process by:

  • Understanding the real drivers of purchasing excellence 

  • Developing a procurement strategy aligned with the airline’s overall strategy

  • Developing skilled teams of professionals in procurement,

  • Having an innovative approach to category management and supply-chain design

  • Developing and supporting structures that provide proper oversight throughout the procurement process.

Flight Operations


Development of Flight Operations, Training, Dispatch and International Operations Manuals

Assistance with the creation and development of required flight manual systems. 


Flight Crew Training 

The development, implementation and auditing of all flight crew training functions to include curriculums, instructors and evaluators, simulators with special emphasis on Multi-Crew Pilot Licensing (MPL) and SCG's Rapid Advancement flight officer development program.

Flight Operations Support Personnel Training

The development, implementation and auditing of all flight operations personnel training functions to include curriculums, instructors and evaluators, technology systems, with special emphasis on dispatch, crew scheduling and load planning.

International Operations

The development, implementation and auditing of the air carrier's international authorizations, flight planning systems, flight crew procedures and data collection processes.

Operational Control


Development and Implementation of System/Network Operations Center

Assistance with the creation of a system/network operations center for the coordination of all strategic work groups that support daily flight operations (dispatch, maintenance control, network control group, load planning, meteorology and flight planning).

Development and Implementation of Domestic and International Dispatch Operations

Assistance with developing dispatch policies, procedures and industry best practices, regarding pilot-in-command and dispatcher shared responsibilities for the dispatch and monitoring of domestic and international flights, within the Operations Control Center and in compliance with the air carrier's operational control responsibilities.


Development and Implementation of Domestic and International Crew Scheduling Operations

Assistance with developing crew scheduling policies, procedures and industry best practices, regarding crew scheduling's shared responsibilities within the Operations Control Center and in compliance with the air carrier's operational control responsibilities.

Development and Implementation of Load Planning Policies and Procedures

Assistance with developing load planning policies, procedures and industry best practices, regarding load planning's shared responsibilities within the Operations Control Center and in compliance with the air carrier's operational control responsibilities.

Development and Implementation of Maintenance Control Policies and Procedures

Assistance with developing maintenance control policies, procedures and industry best practices, regarding maintenance control's shared responsibilities within the Operations Control Center and in compliance with the air carrier's operational control responsibilities.

Regulatory Compliance & Safety


Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring the operator's compliance with all regulatory requirements for a designated regulatory entity (FAA, EASA, CAA's, ICAO).

Safety Management System

Creation and development of a safety management system in compliance with appropriate State requirements and the scope of the air carrier's operations, to include a robust quality assurance program.

Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA)

The development and implementation of line operational safety audits, utilizing trained observers from outside or within the aviation organization, to observe and report on SOP, CRM, Human Factors and other operational safety issues within the flight operation, in a nonparticipatory-no jeopardy manner.

Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) 

Collection, analysis and management of inflight aircraft technical data for flight operations and maintenance evaluation.

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