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Martin Post, MGen USMC (Ret)

Vice President, Operations

General Post has over 35 Years of aviation experience that includes piloting both A-6E and F/A-18 aircraft. General Post's world-wide experience also includes commanding several operational aviation squadrons and has an extensive maintenance, operations and training background. He has held leadership positions in high level operational planning and strategy development functions including several assignments in the Pentagon. General Post also served as the Deputy Commanding General for Marine Forces in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. General Post has held high level governmental positions in aviation financial execution and international governmental and economic development. His overseas deployments included the following countries; Norway, Lebanon, Japan, Philippines, Bahrain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iraq.

General Post holds an Airline Transport Pilot rating and accumulated over 4,500 flight hours in tactical jet aircraft. General Post completed Aviation Safety training from the United States Naval Post-Graduate College, established aircrew and unit Operation Risk Management (ORM) policy, and oversaw daily operational control as commander of aviation units.

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